How You Can Help!!!

Contact Your Politicians to show your support of BVPA's mission! These are the individuals who will decide to destroy Brush Valley when the time comes! Make them know that your vote counts and you care what happens to this land! Also, check out BVPA's political supporters that already support bvpa!

Write Editorials to your local newspapers and explain (in your own words and experiences)why you believe Brush Valley must be saved from destruction! This is the best way you can help. . . it provides exposure to this very important fight.

Ahh, yes, the owner of the land, Aqua America. . make sure you write our friend, Nicholas Debenedictis, the CEO of Aqua America, and ask exactly why his company insists on destroying our community's last chance for clean green open space.

Contact State/Federal Agencies and insist that they stop the destruction of Brush Valley! State agencies like Department of Conservation & Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Protection and the Game Commission can comment on the BOP's proposal . . let's make sure they do. Also, federal agencies like Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corp of Engineers regulate projects that may negatively impact the environment.

Become a BVPA Member and show that you care about your community! Also, you can volunteer your time or contribute to BVPA.